​[Video] Heavy Hustla – Color of the Night @HeavyHustla901

Things get a little heavy in the new “Color of the Night” video from Memphis native, Heavy Hustla. Inspired by Translee’s song of the same name, the Memphis rapper stated, “I finally expressed how I feel about the war on the black race and the war within the black race”. To support the lyrics ofContinue reading ​[Video] Heavy Hustla – Color of the Night @HeavyHustla901

[Video] Keshon – Hakuna Matata + Mp3 Download

After winning the 2017 250 Plus Mixtape Of The Year Diamond Award with his debut mixtape “Mind Over Matter”, Keshon decided to follow through with his second mixtape “Hakuna Matata” later on in the year with the release of his hit single ” Hakuna Matata”. Killing the mic with aggression showing off his versatility representingContinue reading [Video] Keshon – Hakuna Matata + Mp3 Download