K.Cirrus – OMO (On My Own) @iamkcirrus

https://audiomack.com/embed/song/team-bigga-rankin/omo?background=1 K.Cirrus – OMO (On My Own) @iamkcirrus Artist: K.Cirrus Track: OMO (On My Own) Producer: TimMay Social: Twitter Instagram Stream Description: They always say that when grind meets talent, opportunity and a bag awaits. Most wait for someone to show them, some ask somebody the way, few say f*ck it and blaze their ownContinue reading K.Cirrus – OMO (On My Own) @iamkcirrus

K.Cirrus – WTF @iamkcirrus

https://audiomack.com/embed/song/team-bigga-rankin/wtf-master?background=1 K. Cirrus – WTF @iamkcirrus STREAM HERE Artist: K.Cirrus Track: WTF Producer: TimMay BPM: 120 Social Media: Twitter Instagram Youtube * Video Description: In a game with so much of the same. Where he sounds like him, and she sounds like them. In a game that makes you wonder if real bars even matterContinue reading K.Cirrus – WTF @iamkcirrus

K. Cirrus – Destiny @iamkcirrus

https://audiomack.com/embed/song/team-bigga-rankin/destiny-mastered?background=1 K.Cirrus – Destiny @iamkcirrus STREAM HERE K. Cirrus – Destiny @iamkcirrus Artist: K. Cirrus Track: Destiny Producer: TimMay BPM: 77.5 Social Media: Twitter Instagram Youtube * Video Description: A melodic declaration, as K.Cirrus peels back the layers of himself, defining what means the most, why it means the most, and how he plans toContinue reading K. Cirrus – Destiny @iamkcirrus