[Video] @Sxrap4800 “Ballin Dese Bitches HUNCHO MIX “

Sxrap4800 (@Sxrap4800) ” Ballin Dese Bitches HUNCHO MIX “ The NW section of Chiraq King “Sxrap4800” be by his 👑 Crown again…. This time he’s dropping the “Huncho”’ mix to add to the song made popular by fellow Chiraq #LilZayosama so hit play an let “Sxrap4800″show you how easy it is to “Ball these Bitches”Continue reading [Video] @Sxrap4800 “Ballin Dese Bitches HUNCHO MIX “

[Video] @sxrap4800 ‘Trappin Out the Apt’

Sxrap4800 (@sxrap4800) “Trappin Out The Apt” The King of the NW side of Chiraq (Chicago) “Sxrap4800″…..let’s it be known that, quarantine or not if you looking for him….he’ll be in “Zone4800″(Cicero),”Trappin Out the Apt.” So hit play and see how he gets through this being on lock down….. patchin with “Sxrap4800” on a daily viaContinue reading [Video] @sxrap4800 ‘Trappin Out the Apt’