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Skypp (pronounced Skip), hails from Indianapolis, Indiana. As a young emcee he has already made noise with his weekly series called SKYPP SATURDAYS where he freestyles over popular hip-hop/rap songs. Additionally his recent EP called HUMILITY charted as high #29 on the indie acts chart of iTunes.

His previous singles “Somebody Better Tell ‘Em”, “Unsung Heroes” and “No Shame” all received some radio, fan and media support. His lyrics are totally clean and usually very thought evoking as he flows from a deep place with poignant thoughts.
His favorite music is r&b even though he is an emcee. His latest single, “Horns & Halos” delivers a powerful message that probes the good and bad in all of us. The cutting edge music video done in 360 technology is in a league all by itself.

Horns-x-Halos--SKYPP web

Twitter: @skypp317
Instagram: @skypp317

[Video] “Horn & Halos

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