MadeGroceries “Pray, Love, Meditate”


“Pray, Love, Meditate”

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With their latest day-in-the-life themed visual for “Pray, Love, and Meditate”, MadeGroceries floats over a hypnotic flute based track about how they persevere through the struggles of living in 2016 New Orleans.



Twitter / Instagram: @MadeGroceries


About MadeGroceries:
Mauley Sincyr is 1/3 of the musical collective MadeGroceries. The youngin’ from the lower ninth ward of New Orleans carries a passion like none other. His tone of accent, choice of words and fearless flows sets him apart from anyone in his bracket. He’s like a rapping unicorn. Being born and raised in New Orleans, his style embodies the crescent city beautifully and gives the audience a different side of his hometown. After the passing of a close friend, he and two mutual friends decided to take their craft seriously and create a special energy that the city, let alone the world has never felt nor seen before.

LandLord Siwel is 1/3 of the musical collective MadeGroceries. The young Mr. Myagi of the rap game. Hailing from New Orleans East the ill emcee gives his audience a new feel with his charisma and spastic flows. Traveling the nation at young age and gaining respect from his peers it’s almost as if he was made for this lifestyle. The LandLord has been putting in work for a long time. After a few runs with his own group, Siwel joined forces with two of his close friends to form New Orleans’ most prolific Hip-Hop alliance (MG). Using his knowledge and talents, LandLord Siwel makes it difficult to ignore his raw, uncut energy.

Oeaux Neal is 1/3 of the musical collective MadeGroceries. His style slices through any artistic barrier set against him. The multi-cultured poet expresses himself through various ways of art. The young creator channels his energy with his visual art and recordings like none other. Growing up in Algiers, LA with family from the lower ninth ward, his persona and demeanor says more. After playing sports for many years OeauxNeal chose to place his fate in his own hands and show the world how unique he really is. In a world full of conformist, he proves that holding your own is the best move in this day and age.

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