[New Music Alert] @ItsFuzzyBeard – Cut From A Different Cloth (I am not a puppet)

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[New Music Alert] @ItsFuzzyBeard - Cut from a different cloth (I am not a puppet) 

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The talented bearded, 10-year old Fuzzy Beard has pushed his way into the music spotlight and now releases a 5 five song Ep titled “Cut from a different cloth (I am not a puppet)”. Before you have any preconceived notions, I would definitely take a listen. FUZZY is definitely a great talent and spits out some serious lyrics throughout his debut Ep. Tracks like Welcome to New York, Salute and his first single “I’m not a puppet’ displays the bearded incumbent can hold his own in the rap game. Available exclusively via Hip Hop Everything / HHERadio.  
Watch “Only In My Mind”, shot by Reginald,
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Don’t forget to check out our radio station @HHE_Radio! Listen to Fuzzy Beard and many other dope Indie Artists getting spins on #HHERadio …
“We Banging Out Tomorrow’s Hits”
Available via HHE4Real , Tune in and iTunes internet Radio.  
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ALLRED is a rapper born in Atlanta and raised in G-Co. ALLRED Advocates for Social Change.

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