“SikzPho” (Album Stream) @Official_Sikz @PhigaPho

After meeting on Facebook, Greasekydz producer/emcee Phobro was surprised to discover that he and fellow Columbus emcee Sikz shared the same Grandfather.
With music evidently in their blood, it was only a matter of time before the duo teamed up for a collab. Fast forward to 2017, and the duo has united as SikzPho, with a brand new, self-titled album in tow.

Stream their 10-track album, SikzPho below!


“This project, I feel, is everything I been working towards and it wasn’t even originally planned. But for me, it bridges some age gaps and stirs up a few much-needed conversations between the New & Old school artists and just hip-hop lovers. Plus I’ve always pushed the line of “vintage hip-hop” and modern music in general. I’m a big fan of the golden era and intrigued when someone can marry the two and make it make sense. Pho & the GreaseKydz have not only done that… but perfected It. “SikzPho” is that wake-up call and just the beginning.”

And finding out we were family just made us pay a little more attention to destiny. this project literally has something for everybody. But I’m really excited about being granted the privilege to step inside of a world I wasn’t even of age to appreciate In it’s prime….#WeBridgingTheGap #SikzPho #BELIEVE” – Sikz

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