[New Video] Talinka – “Rose Loser” @talin_k

Talinka Hernandez has a sound made for the alpha females everywhere. Born and raised in Valencia, Spain, she embraces her creative being as she infuses trap music with Latin vocals. The combination gives off the perfect “I’m a boss” vibe. She discovered she had a niche for entertainment as she began winning titles and awards for her gymnastics. At the early age of 16, she was already writing raps and spitting lyrics pertaining to her emotions and experiences. Influenced by The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, she began taking her music career more seriously as she grew older, tapping into her Spanish side and creating high energy hits such as “Hit It Up,” “Rose Loser” and “My Ex… Your Boyfriend.”

The Latin Trap-star just released her new music video for “Rose Loser” and it’s for the grown and sexy only. She dropped the visual on September 3rd. For someone who is new in the game, she’s already generating numbers and subscribers off of this video alone. Be sure to check it out.

Social Media:

Twitter: @talin_k

Instagram: @iamtalinka

Music Links:

Spotify: Talinka’s Music

YouTube: Talinka’s Channel

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