Marlo Mic – Westside Story WRNR hosted by Bigga Rankin @marlo_mic

Marlo Mic – Westside Story WRNR hosted by Bigga Rankin @marlo_mic
ws front

Artist Name: Marlo Mic

Mixtape Title: Westside Story
Host: Bigga Rankin
Marlo Mic isn’t your average on the rise MC. With only a couple of songs released to the public, he is still sweeping listeners off their feet. Marlo Mic is an up and coming artist from Jacksonville Florida and prefers not to be labeled a rapper but a realist. Marlo Mic began making music in 2017 when he recorded his first single Break Up To Make Up. His style and demeanor will capture the ears of anyone who appreciates great music. Although he is fairly new to the music industry, he has already gained respect and attention from listeners of all demographics.
Track List:
1. Intro Ft. Bigga Rankin
2. Goosebumps
3. First F’d Up News Skit
4. Hardaway (remix)
5. Breakup 2 Makeup (BU2MU)
6. Gym
7. Won’t
8. Mama
9. Trap Sanctuary
10. Plug Walk
11. Post to Be
12. Pull Up
13. Iron Mic

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