Eli Groves- Assets for #GetToYou [Travel] Single & Video Release

Have you ever been faced with immeasurable obstacles or circumstances out of your control? Did you attempt to overcome them or did you give in to the challenge?

Meet Eli Groves, an exciting new pop star out of Far Rockaway NY, as he debuts his new single & video entitled “Get To You [Travel]”, a high energy ode to getting to the one you love by any means necessary.

Being influenced by the likes of the Jonas Brother, Justin Bieber, H.E.R, Lucky Daye & Justin Timberlake; Eli Groves has poised himself to be mentioned with the superstars he looks up to in the near future.

With his distinct tone, relatable themes and original melodies, Eli Groves pushes the needle forward with his brand of musical idealogy dubbed #TheKoolest.

Look out for “Get To You [Travel]” single on all digital platforms and the video on all platforms that support VEVO

Quotes from Eli Groves

1. The song “Get to You” symbolizes how far would you go and how hard would you go, for the one you love.

2. The “Get To You” video is filled with excitement and energy. A visual representation of “going the distance for love”

3. I would tell my potential fans that Eli Groves is filled w/ the Koolest energy and the unforgettable vibes.

Social Media Links

Twitter and Instagram @EliGrovesMusic

Asset Links

Soundcloud Single link for ‘Get To You [Travel]’

Youtube VEVO link for ‘Get To You [Travel]’

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