[EP] KFP Ken “Self Control”

KFP Ken Drops ‘Self Control’ Project Featuring 12 Heavy Hitters

“I’ve helped everybody around me win, It’s time
I help myself”

Last year, Atlanta rapper KFP Ken woke up in the hospital after a nearly fatal car crash. Admist his recovery he annouced he was in the works of his debut tape ” self control”. He has accumulated millions of views across social media although he has only a few public releases. He is well connected to Atlanta’s music scene and has been spotted with many reputable figures.

In 2018, KFP Ken released a video alongside artist SM Tone and Toney Bluntana entitled “Out the Mud” the video’s concept depicts a “bad day” for each artist. During Ken’s verse, a car accident was staged. Ironically, weeks later he was involved in a life changing accident, putting him on bed rest for months. Whats’s even more ironic is that the car that he was in, was the same car used to stage the accident in the video. Self control is set to release early of April 2020.



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