OddVersations Podcast Looks to Make a Huge Mark in Media @oddversations

Representing Canada, by way of Alberta via Ontario, you have KK & Freddy. In the current era of the podcast wave, you now have something that is not the typical norm. Speaking on a variety of subjects where most podcasts are geared to a particular topic, is what makes Oddversations stand out from the rest. They can go from politics to entertainment, in the realm of sports and music or anything else in day to day conversation that your average joe can relate to.

Speaking on this vision coming to fruition, Freddy, one of the host explains “It was just something me and KK knew we could do. We love to talk and are outspoken on the various issues in the world”. He adds on “So with Oddversations, we just pieced it together, and we’re glad to see it growing one listener and fan at a time.”

Oddversations is something funny, and entertaining. Whether you are on your lunch break, or driving on your way to work, it is something to tune in to that will keep you occupied. With new episodes being released on a weekly basis, be sure to tune in on on Spotify, Itunes and all other digital platforms. Stay updated on short clips on their Youtube channel as well, easily found by searching “Oddversations”. Peep a clip below from a recent episode.



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