The Godfather of HoodPranks Chaca Fambino Murphy shows the movie industry

The Godfather of HoodPranks Chaca Fambino Murphy shows the movie industry he is a true entrepreneur

Fambino not only did extraordinary in his first week of sells, hoodpranks breaks records it’s first week, thanks to redcoral and his partner LarryMeistrich, not only did the break records, fambino and hoodpranks the movie is looking at major distribution they will have him and his team very wealthy. Not bad for a guy from the streets of New York, Fambino has a lot of projects he will be producing in the years to come, his success is definitely showing the world being independent can lead you to the next level to hopefully becoming a millionaire

As of now the movie can be played exclusively on with this epic accomplishment set in motion, Hoodpranks 2 as well as the Hoodpranks TV series are already in progress. There has been a great support system from stars such as Neyo, and Maino with influencers ranging from “itsbizkitt” to the “Doubledose Twins” with the continuing support it would blatantly appear that failure is not an option for Fambino
I.g LarryMeistrich
Hoodpranks the movie streaming now on
Hoodpranks music volume one on all streams

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