[New Video] YSN Ourt- Flock @ysnourt

YSN Ourt born Ourtney Bryant from Cleveland, Ohio is currently 19 years old born on August 28th, 2000. The name YSN Ourt came from being in a group before he also branched out to do his own thing. YSN stands for Young Successful Navigation.

Ourt got into music because he posted a video playing around freestyling and it ended up going viral. NBA Youngboy and Toosie are his biggest influences because they are his favorite artists to listen to and they are near his age doing the same thing he wants to do.

A new single was just dropped called “FLOCK” along with the music video. Jwestbeats produced the song and the video was shot by 30mproductions. It was the first time working with 30mproductions, but Ourt definitely can see another collaboration in the future.

He wants his new project to be a summer west coast vibe. Also to let the people see what it’s like coming from Cleveland and really turning up to the music. His upcoming project won’t be based around the single but it will be great for listeners who enjoy partying and having fun during the summer time.

Ourt firstly wants to tell his fans to be themselves and have fun. As well to always make sure to uplift others because depression and people feeling unloved is real in today’s world.

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