[Video] Fresco Trey ‘Die Young’

Memphis native, Fresco Trey, is proud to proud to announce the newest single from Fresco Trey ‘Die Young’. A track that hit Fresco Trey deep with a wave of emotions regarding the present state of affairs in the world today. TOO many are dying before their time and it’s considered normal.

Growing up Trey’s father always preached to him that during the course of life he would lose some of the people he grew up with. But Trey never understood how his father could say such a thing because he and friends always talked about the future and our goals, but for some of them to not to make it to live out any of the dreams they contemplated was such a heartbreaker for Trey.

When asked what Trey hoped to achieve with this single and visuals he responded; “With this song I wanted people to feel me and feel what it’s like to live being afraid everyday not knowing if its your last day or not. Also I wanted to show people how we react to living in that same fear. For example, smoking weed, carrying guns, or even just simply acting out.”.

Stream on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6HgEIsWCHekTTfnbOGJa3g?si=3PP6ToJHT7aPEBsd6cX2aw

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