Sghettiboy Blackboi: Welcome to Sghettiville

Sghettiboy Blackboi: Welcome to Sghettiville

Hungry for some rawness? Well, get ready to whet your music appetite because that’s exactly what Cortez White is serving as the Founder, CEO, and artist for Sghettiboy Music Group (SBMG) AKA Sghettiboyz LLC. Cortez, professionally known as Sghettiboy Blackboi, born December 4th, 1989; originally hails from St. Petersburg, Florida but now resides in San Diego, California, where he is currently building his empire. “St. Pete has and forever will positively impact me by showing me what I wasn’t going to be in life. Some people feel like the corner is all that they can live by and die by. That there is nothing else out there for them, and I refuse to
believe that for myself and my team,” he expresses.

Sghettiboy Blackboi

With a new hot single featuring Boosie called ‘My Dawgs,’ it’s obvious that Blackboi is truly dedicated to putting his team on the map and leading his artists to success. He’s bringing a variety of styles to the table for the world to savor with a skillful lineup of innovative artists like St. Pete’s D4 and Pittsburgh rappers Fat Trap and Shea Sosa. “I named my company spaghetti, which is my favorite food because it is one of the most flavorful dishes you can get. It’s good right from the stove yet it gets even better over time as the sauce simmers and the intense flavors blend creating this unique zest, and that’s what we embody,” Blackboi explains.

Growing up without his mother or father, Blackboi depended on his grandmother and the streets to guide him as he struggled in behavioral school to fit in. Being misled down
the wrong path by his peers, he led an angry childhood imbued with violence and went to jail at the age of 16 for robbery. Not wanting his life to be filled with destruction, he learned to work the system harder than it was working him and focused on something that came naturally to his family…music.

When his friends were talking about bussin’ down abandos, he was trying to figure out how to get a car wash. The advice and hustler mentality that his father and grandmother gave him helped him see things differently than other young men in St. Pete and instilled in him an entrepreneurship mindset early on which ultimately led to him starting his record label among other businesses. “It’s important to build something to leave behind when you’re gone. What I’m building for me and my artists will live on and their families will forever have that. I want to give them longevity as we learn and grow together. That familyship. Ownership,” Blackboi proclaims.

As a father of 8 and newly engaged, family means everything to Blackboi. “My family, especially my kids, motivate me to keep pushing so I can keep seeing that smile on their face. Knowing we made it out the gutter, and that we turned nothing into something is vital because not knowing when you are going to be able to do something or if you’re going to be able to do something such as provide, it’s a terrible and scary feeling.” With a rich and lilting vocal register, Blackboi takes you on a musical journey with a diverse array of content paired with contrasting melodies such as singing about the everyday struggle for African Americans on an up-tempo beat. “I don’t write. Whatever the spirit is telling me to do at the moment, I do. I just let the spirit flow right out of me.” Blackboi’s clear and shining timbre gives his soulful, edgy voice the secret ingredient to create a masterpiece dripping in Sghettiboy sauce. So get ready because it’s time to get saucy.

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