GFB Fresh (@GFBFRESH) – “What We Doing”

 As a young rapper and music creator, GFB Fresh was born on October 8 . he was raised in Brooklyn, NY. As a youngster, he witnessed and experienced the hardships of the “street life”.

          GFB Fresh attended M.S 391 middle school where he gained his reputation as a  rapper. Being an extremely gifted child,  his skills, talents and fashion sense earned him the name  “Fresh”. Now deemed as “GFB Fresh”, he has received the encouragement to exhibit his talents publicly.

          With the support of his Family and Friends Fresh remained focus on his goals and future career. As a family, they played a big role in his life with their strong force and great inspiration, alongside with the support from his neighborhood and friends.

         With the help of his amicable personality, it was his catchy hits and fan base that helped his name go viral. He has performed at local clubs, baby showers, block parties, talent shows, S.O.B’s heard on 105.1 fm  and so on. His current Single titled “What We Doing”  is out right now on ITunes,Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal & all other media’s  also playing on power 105.1 FM with the initiative of using his demos to pursue a record deal.

          Filled with drive and determination to make it in the industry, GFB Fresh continues to bridge the gap to his success. As his dreams are on it’s way to reality, he states….

                 “It is a blessing, I will make it. I want to be heard and I will be heard by any means necessary”. 

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