DJ Mindsetta & Da Mindsetta – B.A.D Hottie

A new rap and hip-hop track is making waves in the music industry. DJ Mindsetta & Da Mindsetta have collaborated to create a powerful club banger called “B.A.D Hottie.” This track exudes confidence and authenticity, with inspiring lyrics and infectious beats that captivate listeners. Produced by DJ Kronic and released under the respected Mindsetta MuzicContinue reading DJ Mindsetta & Da Mindsetta – B.A.D Hottie

WTO Sco – Real Rich (feat. Luh Kiddo)

“Real Rich” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to the unwavering determination and relentless hustle of WTO Sco and Luh Kiddo. Through their authentic storytelling and undeniable chemistry, they paint a vivid picture of the ambition and drive that fuel their journey to achieve true wealth and success. The track has quickly become a fan favorite, captivating audiences with its infectious energy and thought-provoking lyricsContinue reading WTO Sco – Real Rich (feat. Luh Kiddo)

“OhBoyPrince ft. Mykfresh & GwallagangSpec Release Infectious Hit ‘Bounce When She Walk’

OhBoyPrince, in collaboration with Mykfresh and GwallagangSpec, has dropped a chart-topping sensation that is set to take the music scene by storm. Their latest release, “Bounce When She Walk (BWSW),” is an infectious track that blends captivating beats, catchy lyrics, and a captivating music video that will make you groove along. Let’s dive into theContinue reading “OhBoyPrince ft. Mykfresh & GwallagangSpec Release Infectious Hit ‘Bounce When She Walk’

Nina Chanel Unveils Highly Anticipated Record “Anemic” Set to Release on June 2nd

Hey there, music enthusiasts! Get ready to immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of rap artist Nina Chanel as she gears up to release her highly anticipated record, “Anemic.” This electrifying track is set to drop on June 2nd, and fans are buzzing with excitement. Brace yourself for an unforgettable musical experience as Nina ChanelContinue reading Nina Chanel Unveils Highly Anticipated Record “Anemic” Set to Release on June 2nd

Real Recognize Rio – “I’d Be a Lie”

“Real Recognize Rio, the talented rapper hailing from East Atlanta’s Zone 6, has just dropped his latest single, “I’d Be a Lie,” and it’s a must-listen for any fan of rap and hip-hop. Produced by SK808, this track features Rio’s raw and honest lyrics, giving listeners a glimpse into the harsh realities of street life. But despite the difficult subject matter, “I’d Be a Lie” is an anthem of resilience and determination, with Rio’s confident and aggressive delivery paired perfectly with the expert production. We highly recommend you check out this instant classic and stay tuned for more from Real Recognize Rio.”Continue reading Real Recognize Rio – “I’d Be a Lie”

Mack Ben Widdit | “Been Paid” | Music Video

Mack Ben Widdit | “Been Paid” | Music Video Artist: Mack Ben WidditSong: Been PaidProducer: @tommyd & @fuxasGenre: Hip-HopMood: ConfidentEmotion: DefiantLabel: Don’t Fold Entertainment (DFE)Hometown: Richmond, VASocials: Description: Don’t Fold Entertainment (DFE) presents Mack Ben Widdit’s “Been Paid.” Mack Ben Widdit wastes no time getting to the point and the bag. “Been Paid” is anContinue reading Mack Ben Widdit | “Been Paid” | Music Video

D-Lo G | “Like”(Zaza) | Music Video

Artist: D-Lo GTrack: Like/ZazaProducer: Macfly BeatsBPM: 157/151Genre: Hip-HopMood: AggressiveEmotion: Flamboyant/ConfidentLabel: IndependentHometown: Brooklyn/AtlantaSocials: Description: D-Lo G drops a double single to reinforce his pursuit to stamp Atlanta drill. “Like” and “Zaza”, both produced by the talented Macfly Beatz, differ in vibes but they both encompass the aggressive tone attributed to drill music. As the founder ofContinue reading D-Lo G | “Like”(Zaza) | Music Video

Weezy Pacino – “Risk For That” (Music Video)

Artist: Weezy PacinoTrack: Risk For ThatLabel: Don’t Fold Ent.Hometown: Richmond, VAMood: ConfidentEmotion: AggressiveGenre: Rap/HipHopSocials:Website:Youtube: Description:Don’t Fold Entertainment has a question for you. Are You Ready to take a Risk For That? Get ready to turn up with the latest single release from Richmond, Virginia, rapper/entertainer Weezy Pacino! With the production of “Cab Please” and theContinue reading Weezy Pacino – “Risk For That” (Music Video)