FOE Brazy “Lost Myself”

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Artist: FOE Brazy

Song: Lost Myself

BPM: 94

Genre: Rap/HipHop

Mood: Confident

Emotion: Triumphant

Label: F.O.E. The Label

Hometown: Atlanta, GA



Join FOE Brazy on a journey of personal transformation with his latest single, “Lost Myself.” This song encourages authenticity while pursuing our dreams and builds a lasting legacy. FOE Brazy’s emotional lyrics and captivating beats will resonate with anyone on a quest for personal growth and self-discovery. Add “Lost Myself” to your playlist today to immerse yourself in FOE Brazy’s inspirational journey. This artist’s dedication to authenticity and meaningful storytelling shines through every note. To discover more of FOE Brazy’s music, videos, and exclusive merchandise, search for FOE Brazy on all major platforms. Stay connected and experience the power of “Lost Myself” firsthand. For inquiries and bookings, contact or visit

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